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YouTube Sensation: Crazy Crepe Man of Majorca


The crepe man of Alcudia in Majorca

​There are people who love their jobs, and then there’s this man, a crepe maker in the town of Alcúdia on Majorca, an island off the coast of Spain. His name is Julio and he is indisputably one of Majorca’s major tourist attractions. It doesn’t seem to matter how his crepes taste–people from all over the world come to see him, and take videos, and upload them on YouTube.

There are videos of him dating back years. And in each one of them, shot by different folks, his enthusiasm in consistent. He doesn’t seem to just make crepes, he hunches over them, caressing them, handling them with the care a mom would give her infant. If there should be music playing in the background, he dances and moves to the rhythm. If there’s no music, he’s prone to singing. You can tell he’s not playing to the crowd. He never really makes eye contact with anyone except his crepes.

By Edwin Goei blogs.ocweekly.com

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